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Share A Selfie - New From McKFlux

Share A Selfie - New From McKFlux McKFlux Entertainment has come a long way since we began. We now have a Movie Website, Music Website, and now a Selfie Website. Share a Selfie is the brand new website from McKFlux. Users can sign up for there own profile and start uploading there selfies. Features V1.0 Login via Facebook. - Gmail & Twitter will be added soon Follow / Unfollow other Users Private chat system Share videos from Youtube - Uploading will be added soon Live notifications (Likes, Fol...
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Chrome Cast Support

Chrome Cast Support Using ChromeCast: 1) Go to our Mobile/Tablet website. 2) Sign in 3) Select your Movie 4) Scroll down to description 5) Press the ChromeCast image & cast to your TV from Mobile/Tablet
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New Domain Extension

New Domain Extension We have recently registered the domain ''. We have been fighting a case to gain control of the domain since early 2013 as someone re-registered it after we took our old site down back in 2011. Today is a new era & the start of something new!, You can now view us by going to; & Just want to let everyone know this so its quicker and easier for you by using .UK or .COM Regards, Admin  
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McKFlux Music: Music Streaming Engine

McKFlux Music: Music Streaming Engine Hello Everyone, We would just like to inform you that we have setup a new Music Streaming Website. The website offers 100's of features including downloading mp3's, watching music videos, 1million+ artists, 500million+ songs & more. Get started by going to; or alternatively click the link in the navigation under "Our Sites" Thanks for reading. Admin
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