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Video Playback Error

Video Playback Error We have added a new system to our site meaning you must disable AD Blockers to playback our movies. If you have an error on playback resulting in "Video Playback Stopped" Disable your AD Blocker. We do not allow pop ups or annoying advertisements, this is solely to protect our films with our movie intro. Regards, Admin  
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Video Intro (McKFlux)

Video Intro (McKFlux) The video intro is to support our site and to stop hotlinks from being added. The process is simple; You choose your movie, press play, let the intro movie play or skip it after 5 seconds. If you choose to wait for the intro to end, you do not need to click anything else as the movie will play automatically after the intro is done (3-5 second wait) If you skip the intro, you will need to press play again on the movie. Just wanted to let you all know incase you are wondering what was h...
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Site Update: v1.05

Site Update: v1.05 Site Update: v1.05  Detailed Log; - Removed all navigation viewing until signed in - Removed Top Videos (Top 6 is displayed on homepage) - Sign in with Facebook, Twitter, G+ (Google) - Register / Sign in via register form (On the right under search) - Register / Sign in when selecting a movie - Fixed the height / width of logo to be inline with social login - Minor bug fixes - Video player bug fixes - Added our site links - Added Trailer Website
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McKFlux Trailers (Movie Trailers)

McKFlux Trailers (Movie Trailers) We have been asked alot from you about finding out what movies are about that we show on McKFlux Movies, Everything from trailers, descriptions, movie posters and more to help you know what a movie is about that you may or may not heard of. If you want to know things about a movie then please visit our new site You can also access the site from the "Our Sites" section on McKFlux Movies navigation menu. Regards, Admin  
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New Domain Extension

New Domain Extension We have recently registered the domain ''. We have been fighting a case to gain control of the domain since early 2013 as someone re-registered it after we took our old site down back in 2011. Today is a new era & the start of something new!, You can now view us by going to; & Just want to let everyone know this so its quicker and easier for you by using .UK or .COM Regards, Admin  
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